Monday, December 9, 2013

Inspiration for the new week 9.12.13

The news of Nelson Mandela's passing has swept through the world and united us all in celebrating the life of this outstanding person. While there are so many attributes that have been discussed, one that unanimously comes through is his innate sense of grace and kindness. His treatment of everyone as the same regardless of whether they were a state leader or someone sweeping the hallway. His steadfastness in his own behaviour regardless of his circumstances. Such a poignant reminder to all of us of the powerful impact we have on those around us, how treating whomever we come in contact with with a sense gratitude and respect is not only possible, but entirely in our hands. It's always possible to be polite. It's always possible to be kind. It's in this attitude of grace and kindness that we can truly achieve great things. 

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