Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A white and wintry London townhouse

Tomorrow we leave to spend the holiday season with family in the UK, I finally finished my last little bit of work last night and finally that holiday feeling is slowly starting to seep in. This week we'll also be heading up to Gothenburg, Sweden for a couple days to see some close friends. In keeping with the travel plans, I thought this space would be a perfect fit for today. I fell in love the moment I saw it, it seems like a perfect blend of a typical London Victorian townhouse and simple Scandinavian style. 

Painted all white with just white and natural wood and wicker accents, the space feels natural and unfussy. The fireplace right in the kitchen makes it the perfect family gathering spot to hang to visit while preparing food, or linger over a long meal with friends. 

Of course, the part that really sealed the deal for me was the light in this room. Not just one but two sliding glass doors opening right out onto a lovely private terrace. Having such large frames on these glass doors make it feel that that the space just continues outdoors without interruption. The light isn't just from the doors, but also from above with a skylight above the kitchen prep area flooding the space with even more light. 

A low cut out shelf runs the length of the townhouse, connecting the spaces throughout and adding a modern architectural detail. Even though this style of Victorian home can often be quite 'choppy', divided up into multiple smaller rooms closed off with doors, keeping the passageway open all the way to the glass doors at the back really open up the whole space. It creates a sense of flow and makes it feel much more expansive. 

All white allows the individual details of the Victorian architecture to take centre stage. This little corner by the bay window is complete with its own fireplace and just a few natural wood and woven details. (Love the wooden toy arc!)

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