Monday, November 4, 2013

White open spaces

The persistent darkness can really start to get me down around this time of year, and I find myself craving bright, open areas flooded with light.
 This 17th century olive mill converted into the home of acclaimed Italian designers Ludovica and Roberto Palomba is nothing short of spectacular. The original vaulted ceilings and ancient stonework juxtapose beautifully with Ludovica and Roberto's modern furniture pieces, many of their own design. 

Lots of natural materials are used throughout the space creating a more laid back tone, and a bridge between the modern design elements and the rustic structure of the building. Somehow it all fits perfectly, as if it were designed this way all along.

While much of the plaster and brickwork has been painted over in white, they have left some of the original stone exposed, adding an extra architectural feature and a balance between all the white and the natural earth tones. There is no need for art in this space, instead it remains clean, calm and simple. 

A light-filled open courtyard provides the perfect spot for a few quite moments of repose in the sun. 

I'm not always a huge fan of mirrored closets, but here the contrast with the rugged stone makes the whole space feel fresh, polished and modern. Tucked in the corner, is a luxuriously deep bath with its own vaulted ceiling and a bar of bright light streaming through the window above. 

Photos: 1, 8 - Max Zambelli, Production - Rosaria Zucconi for Elle Decoration August 2013;
 2-7 Francesco Bolis for Dwell 2013

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