Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Ellen and Portia's Southern Californian Ranch

While autumn in the city can definitely be wonderful, there's something especially special about enjoying autumn in the country. Something about the season just seems to fit a more rustic vibe and lends itself to long walks through the leaves, and cozy outfits that look like you may have just come from chopping wood. Looking at the grey skies and bleak weather forecast for the coming week, it seems like the golden days of autumn are behind us, however, this beautiful country home made me want to dwell on them just a little bit longer... 

Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi's Southern California ranch is definitely cozy and rustic, with lots of rough wood and stone throughout the space. Ellen decorated the space with the help of designer Cliff Fong who is one of the founders of Galerie Half in Los Angeles (no doubt the source of many of Ellen's antiques and art collection!) The property comprises of several different cottages and a large barn for Portia's horses - and which Ellen often takes over for her art. Much of the space is painted out in white, creating the perfect canvas for the extensive collection of antique furniture, sculptures and art. The space looks curated but very approachable. Perfect to come in to after a long autumn walk.

Photos by William Abramovicz, produced by Anita Sarsidi for Elle Decor

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