Friday, November 29, 2013

Dreamy all-white hotel suite: The Corfu Suite at the Blake's Hotel, London

I've been locked away in my room over the past few days feeling miserably ill with a terrible cold and flu over the past few days with no other view than my own bedroom. While it wasn't necessarily the best of times, it did give me occasion to look around my own room in great detail and give lots of thought to the little changes I'd like to make. I saw this gorgeous suite a little while back, and this has been my go-to bedroom inspiration since.

This dreamy all white suite at the iconic Blake's Hotel in London was recently named the Sexiest Hotel suite by Mr and Mrs Smith and to me it's not hard to see why. While many of the Blakes' suites are lavish and ornate, filled with rich patterned textiles and colour, especially when it comes to bedrooms, I feel, nothing ever beats the soothing tranquility of an all white suite. While this suite at a glance looks almost over-the-top dreamy, when you really examine the details, it's actually been done very simply. No overly fancy details, just beautiful white linens, a painted white floor and natural wood and inlay furniture pieces (I'm having a major moment with inlay furniture!). And then of course, the dreamy canopy bed. Dreamy, most definitely! But also quite an achievable look on a more modest budget. Would love to add some of these elements to my own room (and will have to start campaigning for the canopy!)


Marsha Splenderosa said...

OMG, isn't this awesome! And, those chests! I think they are called Kuwaiti chests if they are old and from the Middle East. Beautiful room.

Shalini Ganguli said...

@Marsha, No, those are Indian bone inlay chests. They may have their roots in the middle east, brought into India during the Mughal Dynasty. But they're made in India, in Kashmir and Rajasthan. And are GORGEOUS!


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