Monday, November 11, 2013

A modern mix

This home in Richmond, England caught my eye right away - a clean modern box with an expansive picture window looking out onto the garden. I often feel torn between the warmth, character and beautiful detail of older buildings and the clean lines, simplicity and openness of modern structures. Artist Judith Brenner and her husband saw the home while out on a walk and fell so in love with it, that they actually contacted the owners and made an offer to buy it. Soon enough, they'd moved in. 

This traditional Victorian home built in 1875  and was renovated with the help of London based architect Gregory Phillips, a family friend. 

Beautiful Victorian details are left intact at the front of the home, like the entrance with it's traditionally styled door, patterned tiled floor and ornate cast iron staircase. 

The mix of old and new can be seen throughout the space, not just in the larger scale architectural contrast. An older wood panelled door is fitted with a minimal stainless steel handle. The beautiful crown moulding on the ceiling contrasts with a more sleek overstuffed modern sofa. 

The formal dining area has mix of styles with a more traditional wood dining set paired with sleek modern cabinetry. 

The decor in the addition is decidedly sleek, modern and minimal.  

Judith's classic nude sketches in charcoal are used throughout the home and transcend any time period.

The massive wall of windows in Judith's home studio flood the space with natural light and create a beautiful, open work environment. 

Not quite the traditional English garden, the lush tropical ferns and palms were inspired a family trip to Australia.

See more of Judith's artwork here.

All photos: Richard Powers for Dwell Magazine, Feb/March 2006


Daphne said...

Love the mix up of traditional and modern. Very clean and simple set up of the house makes it more elegant. I wish I can have that kid of house in the future ♥

Designwali said...

wow. amazing. my cousins just bought a house in richmond, UK. I should send him this!

Charles Flaum said...

That was really interesting. Battery Led Picture Light

designlit said...

Stunning space, thumbs up!


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