Wednesday, October 16, 2013

- reset -

My recent trip to Thailand was an amazing escape. A chance to press pause on the frantic hamster wheel of my daily schedule. To refresh, renew, replenish and essentially, reset.
Travel can be a wonderful opportunity to explore the world around us with a fresh set of eyes. It can elevate even the most everyday objects and experiences into something novel or even remarkable. Yet it can also be a poignant reminder of the old phrase 'wherever you go, there you are'. While a break from our everyday physical surroundings can give us a mental break and an opportunity to literally see things from a whole new perspective, inevitably the majority of any experience stems from what we carry around inside of ourselves. 

Now back at home, I've just started a new job in a new neighbourhood. I'm looking forward to bringing a fresh set eyes and a open minded perspective with my as I venture off into a new challenge. Ready to discover, learn, grow and contribute. That fresh feeling of travel need never end if you choose to see everyday, and every opportunity as an adventure. 

Photo: Maya Bay, Koh Phi Phi Islands, Thailand


Lendalia said...

Beautiful words and a beautiful picture. That's the way ilife is or it should be. Keep that holiday feeling inside you and look to every new day with the eyes from a child. This way you will always find something that will make you wonder... Lia

Kim Grey said...

What a lovely reminder... Thank you for the inspiration. :)

escapade said...

Thanks so much Lia and Kim!

Here's to beautiful adventures ahead in the week ahead for all of us! :)


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