Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Our Roman Holiday

A couple weeks ago, my sister approached me with an interesting question - would I like to join her and our other sister on a quick trip to Rome for a few days. I'm happy to report that I responded with the only appropriate response to this type of question - a resounding 'Yes!' and quickly hustled to put plans in place to make it happen right away. 

Rome was dramatic, fascinating and very beautiful from the first introduction. The distinctive trees that lined the streets were unusual and sculptural in shape. 

Rome was in every way picture perfect. I quickly realized all attempts to appear cool and unaffected were futile and began photographing almost everything and anything. It felt like almost every vantage point seemed to reveal a postcard worthy view. 

The classic architecture in soft creamy pastel shades cast a sepia-like tone across the city that contrasted beautifully with the overcast sky.

The Italian flare for drama and embellishment was prominently on display with grandiose displays from eras past. Some of these extravagant monuments were simply awe inspiring and painted a picture of the might and scale of the Roman Empire. 

While we may have thought that studded details were very 2013, it turns out Romans had been using these details and embellishments on their architecture for hundreds of years. The huge wooded doors often embellished with ornate carved details and studs were one of my favourite features in the city.

Some of the most beautiful parts of the city are behind these heavy wooden doors. While they can seem quite foreboding and austere from the exterior, they can open to reveal the most beautiful courtyard gardens.

Having spent most of my life in Africa and North America, it's quite fascinating to be in cities with such a depth of history. Seeing old monuments that are not just hundreds, but thousands of years old. The notion of what those old cobblestone streets might have seen and the stories they could tell is quite humbling

Of course one of my most favourite aspects of our trips was the food. We ate al fresco at every opportunity and enjoyed some incredible meals at little cafes on small side streets. For dinner on our first night in the city, we sat on this side street with lush vines hanging down onto the streets, eating wood fired pizza. (My future Roman apartment is just above, complete with rooftop terrace and outdoor pizza oven.)


Right around the corner from the hanging vines, little scenes like this one made me fall in love with the more subtle bits of beauty in the city... You can't help but think, this really is la dolce vita... life just seems a little more beautiful right here. 

{All photos: Sharalee Mushore}


Emily said...

Wow! Lovely pics! Sounds and looks like a marvelous trip!

a-petit said...

I love Rome! When I am there, I feel like I have lived there :))) maybe in past life ;)

Antonella Piemonte said...

Roma, capitale del mondo intero!

Lana {lanalou style} said...

Sigh, all so lovely! That last pic is my favourite though, definitely makes me want to travel to Europe asap! Hope all is well with you!x


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