Friday, May 10, 2013

Pretty pieces: stackable gold flake rings

I had a bit of an Etsy shopping spree recently. I picked up a pillow in Pierre Frey's Kubus fabric, a beautiful vintage Italian scarf and a hammered brass planter. I've already decided though, what my next purchase will be. I'm quite smitten with these pretty stackable rings from the Etsy shop Daimblond. Each piece is hand made from Elena in Le Mont-Saint-Michel in Base-Normandie in France. This is one of the reasons I really love Etsy as a platform - the ability to enjoy and support the work of talented artists and curators from all around the world that I likely wouldn't have discovered otherwise. I'd love to collect a few of these pretty faceted resin rings in different colours. Each with flecks of yellow and pink gold running through them. 

{All images: Daimblond}

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