Thursday, May 9, 2013

Fashion on display: a soft, feminine space

This soft, light filled space in Manhattan makes great use of it's small floor print with soft colours, and a consistent colour palette throughout. The predominately all white space is very calm and neutral, yet still filled with lots of pretty feminine details that add alot of character and a bit personality to the space. 

My favourite piece in the whole space - the framed vintage photo of Twiggy featured behind the sofa. 

Krista makes much use of every inch of the small space by keeping little feminine treasures - like her beautiful collection of shoes - out on display. (She had artfully displayed framed shopping bags in her previous apartment.)

The whole space is kept in shades of white, with soft blush pink accents used throughout. The consistency adds a sense of flow through the space and makes it visually feel a bit bigger. 

Beautifully designed fashion accessories and pieces - from a Louis Vuitton suitcase to a favourite sparkly cocktail dress are kept out on display as pieces of art and add to the feminine atmosphere. 

Just one small wall is adorned with pretty patterned wallpaper, in the same soft shade of pink.

The space boasts a large amount of natural light which gives a feeling of expansiveness. This soft, neutral space seems like a veritable haven set above the busy, bustling streets of Manhattan.

See the homeowner Krista Webster's previous apartment featured here awhile back. 

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