Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Creature comforts

I'm having one of those days where things feel just a bit off. Where you find yourself craving the familiar, soothing comforts of home that restore you when you're feeling a little run down. This converted monk's retreat in Cambridgeshire, UK suited that feeling perfectly for me today. Calm and neutral, the home is filled with natural light and soft tones. Lots of personal touches create a unique style that defies one particular time period or style category and seem suited uniquely for its inhabitants.  

Of course the story has to start with a deep, loung-y sofa and a adorable little furry friend. The ultimate creature comforts for the worst of bad days. An antique wrought iron coffee table contrasts with a shiny chrome arc lamp for a modern eclectic feeling. The mantle is adorned with personal treasures and mementos including a sweet little white rabbit. 

This kitchen is layered and so very interesting without feeling cluttered. Soft grey cabinets with brass hardware, open shelving for displays and lots of natural wood touches make it feel like a hybrid modern country kitchen. 

I love little vignettes and displays in a kitchen that can turn it from a purely utilitarian space to something quite beautiful.

There's a wonderful feeling of calm in this subdued bedroom. Thick carpets, calm colour tones and little personal touches that tell a story. A Moroccan wedding blanket hangs as a headboard for the otherwise unadorned four poster bed. 

This is what it all comes down to for me - my mum always says there's nothing that a long hot bath or a good cappuccino can't cure. If I had a choice, I doubt I'd ever leave this luxuriously scaled tub.  I love how open and bright this room feels.

And in the second bathroom, more little touches of pink and pretty pattern punctuate the serene all white room. 

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Shalini Ganguli said...

Gorgeous place and even prettier dog!


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