Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A modern thatched roof home in the Netherlands

Growing up in Africa, I have many wonderful memories of sleeping under thatched roofs. We even had a thatched wendy house in our garden that we used to play in almost every day. As anyone who's spent some time in a thatched roof home will tell you, there's a distinctive feeling to it. A mix between cozy and airy - wonderfully warm in winter, and cool and breezy in summer. And a soft, smokey scent.  While a thatched roof home generally brings to mind more of a cottage, or even more traditional African or rustic styles, this home by Maxwan Architects in the Netherlands marries a traditional thatched roof with crisp white lines, walls of glass and a thoroughly modern style. 

Much of the lower level is devoted to staunch modernism with lots of glass and sleek surfaces.

 While a devotion to minimalism is evident in this modern home, they've taken care to restore some of the original details of this 1930s home like the chevron wood floors that add an extra touch of character to the space. 

Aside from the thatched roof, my favourite feature of the home is this spectacular spiral staircase wrapped in a lacy meshed form. It's dramatic enough to be a focal point for this area of the home (the often neglected hallways and staircases) but still delicate enough not to be overwhelming.


Jamie Herzlinger said...

Love the open spaces! Beautiful! I loved catching up with your blog! Love, Jamie Herzlinger

Earl Finnegan said...

I doubt I could get this type of roofing in Pembroke MA, though it does sound comfortable.

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