Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Birthstones by Elisa Werbler

 We've finally arrived at April! Best month of all in my extremely biased opinion. In addition to my own, I'll be celebrating the birthdays of many of my most favourite people this month, so birthdays are very much on my mind. I was drawn right away to this bright series of prints, The Birthstones by New York City based designer Elisa Werbler. Each depicting a colourful, faceted depiction of each month's emblematic stone. I do have a small confession, while I've always felt we April babies win hands down on our birthstone - diamonds! - I'm not sure it's my favourite of the prints, and am finding myself more drawn to some of the brighter colours. How pretty is that Tanzanite (one of my favourite real life gemstones too!) in shades of violet and indigo? Or the technicoloured Opal? 

The complete calendar set




A big Happy Birthday to all the other April babies out there! 
And a special shout out to my littlest sister who's celebrating today :)

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CT@Living Analog said...

Those are gorgeous! My engagement ring is also my birthstone (sapphire) and I love the somewhat abstracted take on jewels. Thanks for sharing! Cheers - CT


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