Thursday, April 18, 2013

Simple + striking design: The Perimeter tray by Ladies and Gentlemen Studio

 Sometimes you stumble on a product that is quite striking in its simplicity. It's always a hallmark of a really well designed product when fancy embellishments and details aren't necessary, and simple, clean functionality can be expressed in a beautiful way. The Perimeter tray collection from the Seattle based Ladies and Gentlemen Studio does just that. With a very simple aluminium frame surrounding a walnut base with a removable Carrara marble cheeseboard and brass handles. Three favourite materials - brass, walnut and marble combining beautifully in one piece. I'd love to have a whole kitchen designed with this is the inspiration...

In keeping with the same striking and simple aesthetic, the studio's new Aura light collection highlights a basic bulb with a brass ring around it. The effect is very subtle but still has alot of impact.

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