Friday, April 19, 2013

Coqui Coqui, Tulum, Mexico

While the weather is finally warming up here at home, but my recent schedule has still left me yearning for a bit of a getaway. A chance to relax, unwind and do absolutely nothing at all. Tulum, Mexico was hands-down one of my most favourite recent vacations. The beach just a few kilometres away from the Tulum ruins is nothing short of breathtaking. Bright blue water, powder soft white sand and still a feeling of being fairly untouched compared with some of the surrounding resort laden areas. Coqui Coqui is a small boutique hotel with just seven suites. Run by a rather glamorous jet set couple, Nicolas Malleville and Francesca Bonato, the location serves as both hotel and perfumery and has become quite the 'It' destination for jet-set hipsters. Their cool minimal vibe combined with some traditional Mexican elements give the space a unique, international vibe. Right now I'm dreaming about sampling their delicious perfumes and lying on a beach watching the waves (cerveza in hand).

For a beautiful tour of the space and surrounding town, visit the Selby's tour of this space here (and prepare to be hit with pangs of 'coolness envy' at this so-hip-it-hurts (and gorgeous!) couple.

{All photos: Coqui Coqui Tulum}


Jordana @WhiteCabana said...

What a gorgeous spot!
p.s. I'm always yearning for a getaway!

Kasamba Katherine Mukumba said...

Oh wow! I wasn't feeling like a getaway until I got to this post, especially since winter is coming in quick here in Joberg. I need some sun!

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Antigona Sinnott said...

this is where i spent a part of my honeymoon less than 2 years ago, in the very suite pictured here. i can honestly say the place is beautiful, the beach breathtaking and the staff were darling. i highly recommend it! the only downside was that for the considerable amount you pay i think breakfast should've been included :/

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