Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bright at home: Bobbie Burgers ii

The sunshine is streaming through my window this morning, and I'm starting to feel hopeful that in fact, Spring really is around the corner. There's always a burst of exhilaration I feel when this moment arrives and winter is definitively over. To match my high spirits, only a bright and colourful space would seem appropriate today. One in particular has been on my mind lately - the Okanagan summer home of Canadian artist Bobbie Burgers. I've featured parts of this space before, but it really is so stunning I thought it deserved a second go and a chance to include images I'd left out before. 

As she would well know from her extensive experience exhibiting in art galleries, an open, all white space is the optimal way to show off Bobbie's colourful, large scale pieces. In her Okanagan summer home, Bobbie has maintained a balance between slick and modern and relaxed cottage. The result is a laid back, contemporary feeling. 

While yellow is definitely the dominant accent colour throughout the home, Bobbie's trained artistic eye no doubt ensured that there is enough variety to keep the space dynamic and interesting. The red background in this bold botanical print in the corner ties in perfectly with a pair of red Eames chairs. 

Love this long antique table used as a kitchen island - it's actually from a Convent in Quebec in the 1890s.

Bobbie's larger-than-life floral pieces definitely are the focal point of the space.  Proof in point to just say yes to art in the kitchen. Works beautifully and really brings the space to life (above and below). 

While we're at it - just say yes to brightly coloured appliances! This bright yellow just looks so cheerful and brings a bit of energy to this all white kitchen. I like that Bobbie held back a little and left the fridge all in stainless to balance things out a bit. 

Bobbie sets up for dinner al fresco in the garden. I'm a little jealous of this gorgeous vegetable garden, it seems Bobbie's botanical flair extends off the canvas and into the garden as well. 


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Kasamba Katherine Mukumba said...

This is great inspiration for us young(ish) tenants who may find ourselves in a 'modern' fitted apartment but want a warm personal space. Adding art and those textured pieces really brings you into the home without having to change anything about the walls or floor


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