Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A well travelled collection: At home with Danish designer Naja Munthe

I always love seeing how fashion designers' distinctive looks also translate into their homes. The home of Danish fashion designer Naja Munthe of the fashion brand Munthe plus Simonsen and author of the book Fashionable Living, perfectly translates her global modern aesthetic. The clean lines and simple black and white palette is the perfect backdrop for her extensive collection of treasures from travels across the globe. Traditional ethnic textiles, natural wood sculptures, woven baskets and organic pieces juxtapose with more formal embellished architecture in all white and sleek black pieces. I love how the look still appears clean, well edited and pulled together, not at all cluttered or too overwhelming. For all those of us global travellers who struggle with how to display all the treasures from your travels without looking like a curio shop - this is how you do it!

 Naja also translates this same distinctive look to her summer house in northern Sealand (Denmark).

Love this laid back reading loft!

{Photos: Morten Koldby for Fashionable Living by Naja Munthe  via HomeLifeLoves}


Renée Finberg said...

what a great place to spend a long


annie markantonatou said...



Shani said...

This is so gorgeous. I love lines, and especially the dining area with the bookshelves.

escapade said...

Renee - agreed, I think I could spend several long weekends there!

Shani - that was the room that caught my eye right away.


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