Thursday, March 14, 2013

Wall play

One of my most favourite things of the new Pavilion store are the small sculptural wall play pieces. I'd been so excited for them to arrive with our shipment, I could barely wait to rip into the boxes. It was a little daunting screwing them into the pristine new white walls, but I very quickly overcame my fear of twenty one holes in the drywall when I started to see the beautiful results. 

(A peak at the Pavilion Modern walnut and white bedroom series, beautiful hand printed textiles by Toronto designer Lori Harrison.)

I have my heart set on having two dozen of these gold and white eggshells above the sofa in our living room. I love the idea of adding a sculptural art element into the space. I feel like sculpture is a very underused form of art in the home in general.

{All photos: Sharalee Mushore, all items featured available at Pavilion}


Anonymous said...

I subscribe to your blog, but don't recall that you've mentioned where you got those serge mouille (or s.m.-"inspired") white wall lamps. They would be perfect for our bedroom. Would you mind sharing their source?

As for the "wall play" pieces, I first saw them in a commercial setting and think they're fabulous!

Sue in RI

escapade said...

Hi Sue!
This was taken where I work at Pavilion, if you're looking for them you can contact the store :) (
Happy to hear you love the wall play also, planning to get some for home as well.


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