Friday, March 8, 2013

Sunlight + Rainbows

Sometimes the simplest materials and the smallest details can create the most dramatic effects. Irish artist Mark Garry has brought empty rooms to life in a dazzling display of geometric rainbows reflected in the light. Using a very delicate and precise system of luminous threads attached to the walls and floors of the room, he uses pins and small beads to create this stunning effect. I love how subtle yet impactful these displays are.


Rose said...

This is a beautiful exhibit. Rainbows always remind me of my childhood - probably the first thing I knew how to draw when I was a child.

escapade said...

What a wonderful subject for your first art projects! :)
Rainbows have a bit of a magical quality and mystique about them - and always the best optimistic reminder of a rainbow only arriving after a storm.


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