Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A striking yet soft industrial loft space

Lately, I have been trying to tame the massive collection of magazines I've managed to accumulate over the past few years, since my move to Toronto. Of course, I couldn't bear to part with many of my treasured volumes without scanning through each one, grabbing a few last tear sheets. During this process, I was happy to be reunited with a beautiful space I hadn't seen in a little while. This striking yet soft loft space was designed by Toronto interior design firm Croma Design. The focal point of the space is the taupe travertine tine backsplash in the kitchen of this open concept loft, which is complimented beautifully by the leaning art print Adrienne Veninger's Tree Circle. 

There is a strong focus on art throughout the space. Above the kitchen table, an airy iron sculpture - Linienshieff by Knopp Ferro hangs in place of a chandelier. 

A gallery wall of warm sepia toned art and lots of honey toned wood accents throughout the space, contrast the loft's cool concrete and stone tones.  

A bank of Ikea cabinets forms a striking (and inexpensive) alternative to built-in storage and fit perfectly with the feeling of an industrial loft space. 

{Photos: Mark Burstyn for Style at Home, Interior Design by Croma Design}

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