Friday, February 22, 2013

Pillow talking

I've been feeling pretty bored with my living room lately. Despite my long-standing devotion to black and white, I can't help looking at the current pillows on the sofa with a bit of disdain - so much so that I gathered them all up and tucked them all away in a cupboard, I just didn't want to see them for a while. Maybe it's the long winter, but I've really been craving colour lately. I've been on the hunt recently for some fun new pillows to add a punch of colour. While looking through some art prints recently, I was excited to see that Society 6, which carries a large range of interesting graphic design prints and pieces, now offer some of their most popular prints on pillows as well. Now my mind is reeling with the possibilities and I feel a little spoilt for choice, not quite sure which to choose. I think a selection of several different colours and patterns would be fun. Here are some of my favourites, which ones would you choose?

{Pillows l to r from the top: Autumn Indigo by Garima Dhawan; Joy by Garima Dhawan; Painted Pebbles 1 by Garima Dhawan; Pie for Breakfast by Emily Rickard; Pacific Coast by Emily Rickard;  Fields Pink by Garima Dhawan; Asking for Directions by Emily Rickard; Pyrply by Spires}

{Photos: Society 6}

1 comment:

miss b said...

These are all gorgeous but I especially like the vibrant green and grey top right although it is quite a bold statement.


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