Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fresh Australian style in Manhattan

I've always thought that I'd be able to make my peace with winter if by Valentine's Day, Spring were in full bloom. Around this time of year I start to crave a warm breeze and the ability to thoughtlessly run outdoors without a multitude of layers. While the weather is not cooperating, I've been getting a dose of the breezy style I crave from some of my favourite Australian design blogs and designers. Arent and Pyke are one of my all-time favourite design firms. Their style is fresh, fun and thoroughly modern. With all white walls, a unique and interesting mix of furniture and accessories and always a good dose of colour through art, their style is right up my alley. In this project (below) they bring their fresh Australian style to Manhattan with beautiful results. See more of their work and inspirations on their blog, In/Out.

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