Wednesday, January 9, 2013

On display: personal photos + polaroids

For the past little while, I haven't really wanted to display a lot of personal photos in our home. Sometimes a multitude of small photos in frames can start to look quite cluttered and I've been preferring the look of just a few bolder pieces of art. Working at my desk over the past few days though, I've so enjoyed glancing over at the framed personal photos on my desk and remembered the little boost it gave me to see these cherished faces and little captured moments. Rather than having several small frames dispersed throughout the home, I love the idea of grouping lots of them together for a bigger impact and a really interesting and personal display. 

Put all your images together in one huge frame to form a big mosaic of memories.

Very basic photo frames all joined together to form a grid as a headboard.Love how these little pops of colour tie in with the bright throw cushions too. 

Simply taped to the wall with pretty washi tape.

Arranged in the shape of a pixelated heart. I don't think this is really the look for me at the moment, but how cute is this idea? Would work so well in a children or teen's bedroom too!

{Photos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 }


Cara said...

love this!

Tafadzwa Pongweni said...

Absolutely love this x

annie said...

The first example is my fav! time for diy


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