Monday, January 7, 2013

A Wonder-ful Space

The New Year always brings about the feelings of a fresh start and a clean slate, a bit of a pause to re-evaluate, take stock and make some thoughtful considerations of what is and isn't working, and what you'd like the future to look like. Looking back through this blog over the past few years, it's been fun to see my past selections and watch my own design tastes become further refined and really narrow in on the overall aesthetics and small details that I consistently come back to by gut reaction almost every time. While I don't like to think of personal style as something static or unmoving, after a while, you can see certain patterns and start to have a good sense of what consistently works well for you. 

When I first saw this space designed by the Australian studio Wonder, it was instant love. So much so that it almost felt like it was plucked from the back of my mind and suddenly shown to me in full colour. The bright all white kitchen, with polish concrete floors,and wide doors opening up to the garden outside was absolutely the perfect mix. Bring in a pop of colour with bold art and not one but two shades of blue wishbone chairs and the space just comes to life. It really is my dream kitchen! I can't get it out of my head.

What really gave it away as my dream house - this amazing little reading room just off the kitchen. Decked out with a fantastic built in book case complete with a sliding library ladder and some beautiful wine storage. 

And if there was still any trace of doubt, that my dream house really was staring back at me - here was all the proof I needed to seal the deal. A beautiful tub looking out into a private bathroom courtyard. (I've had a bit of an obsession with these for quite some time!)

This space just summed up so many elements that are important to me in a home - with a breezy indoors/out feeling throughout. What a Wonder-ful and inspiring start to the new year!

{Photos: Christine Francis, Design: Wonder}


Vivian Becnel said...

What a lovely place to live in. It looks very peaceful and relaxing.-

Jill Seidner | Interior Design said...

Love this space! Thanks for sharing!

Kim L. said...

Gorgeous home! I also adore the wishbone chairs. They add a nice pop of color to the all white kitchen. I'm also envious of the bathroom and private courtyard. It looks just heavenly and so relaxing!


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