Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Ice Hotel, Quebec

Located just outside of Quebec City, the fabled Hotel de Glace (Ice Hotel) has piqued curiosity and delighted visitors for over a decade. Every year, the hotel is redesigned and reconstructed each December for the new winter season and then closes and is taken down in April. It is built with metal frames and its own special mixture of snow. 

With a different design each year, the hotel takes 60 employees over a month to reconstruct annually. The team includes talented ice sculptors who take great pride in creating the spectacular and very unique displays. 

In addition to carved pillars and decorative patterns, the hotel boasts ice chandeliers and even furniture. Coloured light is used throughout the space to illuminate the ice and show off the beautiful carved details. 

The hotel has become a popular wedding destination for winter lovers with its own chapel. With soaring arched ceilings, ice benches covered in fur throw and completely illuminated with a myriad of glowing candles, it really is the ultimate wintry romantic setting. 

Each guest suite is uniquely designed with carved ice walls and even an ice bed covered in thick hides and blankets. 

{Photos: 1- Hotel de Glace, 2 + 6 - Luc Rousseau, 3-5 - Xavier Dachez}

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Muhammad Amjad said...

Wow that a wonderful scene such a beautiful pics with showing different color lights.

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