Thursday, December 13, 2012

Holiday Wish List-ing

Every year around this time, a certain someone complains that they have no idea what to buy me for Christmas. Because the art of subtlety is lost on some, I thought I'd make it abundantly clear with the help of personal wishlist...

1. Things That Matter by Nate Berkus - I've been a longtime fan of Nate's and have heard nothing but great things about this new book. It's a definite must-have in any design lover's library.
2. Bodum Eileen French Press - lately I've been using my French press much more often, sometimes even just filling it with thin slices of ginger and lemon. This pretty gold piece would be a beautiful addition to my counter top. 
3. Dauville gold and white ceramic bowls by Canvas Home - if you've read this blog awhile you may have already detected that I'm a little obsessed with white and gold ceramics. These pieces are a pretty and practical little luxury, perfect for jewellery by the bedside. 
4. Golden Viper Journal at Anthropologie - along the same lines, I decided at first glance that I simple had to have this pretty journal in gold and white snakeskin - beautiful!
5. Ballerina Project photograph - this beautiful image of ballerina Heather Ogden silhouetted against the  Toronto skyline has been a top fixture on my mental wishlist ever since I first posted about it here
6. Stardust Suede Pouch at Anthropologie - this cute little clutch is the perfect combination of pretty and practical in a soft tan suede with a little bit of sparkle. Perfect to slide into a larger bag to keep it organized, or use a clutch all on its own. Love the clasp!
7. Sequin Rhino Sweatshirt from J Crew - versatile enough to dress up or down, this piece would add a bit of a playful twist to even just a blazer and jeans. One of the highlights of this year for me was our Kariba safari and spotting a mother a baby rhino. This pretty piece would be a lovely memento for this year. 
8. Touch Eclat by Yves Saint Laurent - I'm yet to try this much fabled beauty wonder for myself but its promise to transform tired eyes into radiant and refreshed mean that it might be a necessity for the busy year up ahead. 
9. A French Bulldog - I had to throw it out there. This is a combined request from both Javier and myself. Is it likely, or even possible? Not at all, but you just never know. I would name her Miss Billy Jean Holiday (a doubled up musical tribute) and life would be wonderful together.
10. Get it done notepad by Rifle Paper - the year ahead is already filling up with so many exciting things coming up. Staying on top of the ball is key, and this cute notepad will make it just a little bit easier.
11. Personal embosser - the perfect way to literally put your personal stamp on and elevate even the most basic of paperstock into pretty stationery.
12. Bow note set by Sugar Paper - failing the above (or even better, in addition to) this pretty stationery is destined to encourage the writing and receiving of special little notes.
13. Classic Navy Blazer with Brass buttons by Two Penny Blue - a longtime fixture on my wardrobe wish list, I know this classic wardrobe staple would be worn to death. This beautifully cut piece has been carefully designed with lots of attention to the little details. What's better - each purchase from Two Penny Blue will donate a school uniform to a girl in Africa. 


annie said...

"i want" collection!

Rose said...

Great wish list! That rhino sweatshirt from J.crew is awesome. Thanks for sharing.

escapade said...

Annie - obviously I quite agree !
Rose - that was one of my favourite pieces on the wishlist too ;)


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