Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dreaming in Indigo

I often enjoy perusing Scandinavian design magazines online, while I generally have no clue what they're talking about they do speak very clearly through the language of great design. Lately I've been obsessed with all shades of indigo, ranging from navy blue to dark purple. A little softer and warmer than dramatic black and white, there's something about this moody shade I find a little intoxicating. This Danish home has done what so many Scandinavian homes do so well and used a very neutral base (all white) and accented with this one shade throughout the entire home. 

Painting just a portion of the wall dark in this entrance hall and keeping the floor very light keeps it light, bright and airy.

This image (above) has confirmed my suspicions that my drab all white kitchen needs a dark blue wall. 

Personal pieces, vintage touches and honey toned woods accented throughout the home give it warmth and prevent it from looking too cold.

Love this formal cabinet with open glass doors used for storage in the bedroom. And of course, the stack of plush velvet pillows in deep purple and dark blue. 


Dancing Branflake said...

Such an underused yet dramatic color. Beautiful!

escapade said...

DB - definitely underused! I'd love to see more of it. I feel like navy is slowly making a comeback (finally!) so hopefully we'll start to see more of it!

Natik Painting said...

Great post!! Navy blue is a fantastic and tragically underutilized colour. You've showcased some really great examples here.

Unknown said...

I couldn't agree more: the mood is definitely blue! (Indigo is my favourite colour too.) Nonetheless the point of the Danish article is to tell us that the owner has decided to focus on grey and the caption - Huset, hvor alt er grĂ¥t og dejligt - is "the house where everything is grey and wonderful."
Best wishes, mlise


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