Friday, December 14, 2012

A charming children's shop at Christmas

I couldn't help but be instantly smitten with the beautiful holiday storefront of the Leuie Pop Up shop in Vancouver.  It's simple, natural styling seems so perfect and almost quaint in a world of flashing colourful displays around this time of year. Simply decorated with natural greenery and white lights, a pale blue door with a simple wreath tied with a plush velvet bow and a charming little rabbit outside. 

  Leuie is a wonderful children's store started by design blogger Sarah Klassen, who writes one of my longtime favourite blogs, Haute Design. Sarah's classic sense of style with a strong French influence is apparent throughout Leuie's collection. Not over done, and a far cry from some of the garish branded toys that have become so common these days, it's style is reminiscent of another era. It's look of traditional simplicity with just the right dose of whimsy takes you back to a time when life seemed just a little bit simpler. 

If you are in the Vancouver, you really should stop into their Pop Up Shop during December, it would be the perfect place to pick up a lovely gift for a favourite little one. And for those of us who are not lucky enough to stop in person, be sure to visit the Leuie site and shop online

{Photos: 1- Luis Valdizon, 2-5 James Moes for Leuie}

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