Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Book review: Living Modern Tropical

As we battle off short grey days and the growing threat of snow, it's hard to believe sometimes that across the globe, everyone is entering the height of summer. Life in the Southern hemisphere often boasts an abundance of sunshine and the ability to indoors and out quite seamlessly. The new book, Living Modern Tropical by renowned interiors photographer Richard Powers, takes us on a journey across the globe, sharing inspirational modern interiors in lush, tropical settings. 

Many of the fundamental concepts of 'modern' architecture and interiors work exceptionally well in these lush tropical settings. Rather than compete with the vibrant and extravagant displays of nature that surround them, their understated simplicity serves to highlight the natural beauty. 

Featuring stunning spaces from Brazil to Bali to the south of France, this books focuses on some of the basic elements and details that form these spaces. Each are highlighted in different chapters such as water features, use of light and the furniture and materials used, providing lots of inspiration for anyone living or aspiring to a tropical, modern feeling within their own space. 

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