Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Antonio Zaninovic Architects

I often find it frustrating when I see so many of the popular misconceptions of Africa. While its challenges are covered extensively, very little is often said about so much of the vibrant and exciting developments. Southern Africa has a rather underexposed but very exciting arts and design scene, my recent trip has left me with a renewed intent to share more of it here with you.  

Cape Town, South Africa boasts some of the most beautiful and innovative modern residential architecture I've seen recently. The incredible landscape and the juxtapose of ocean and mountains against this vibrant city make it an amazing backdrop for clean, modern designs. Cape Town based architecture studio Antonio Zaninovic Architects have created modern liveable spaces that really enhance and maximize the natural surroundings. The Newlands house (below) boasts a beautiful courtyard garden with local flora off the main house, complete with infinity pool and spectacular city views. 

(My favourite element - the courtyard garden right off of the bedroom)

I was so impressed with this firm's work I couldn't resist sharing two different projects. The Gubbins House (below), is also in Cape Town is an incredible show shopper with breathtaking views of the local landscape and mountains, the city below and the ocean glimmering off in the distance. It instantly became my current dream home.

{All photos: Antonio Zaininovic Architects, see more of their work here}


Caroline @ Lime Loves Mud said...

Very cool houses! Was in Cape town 2 years ago and blown away by the amazing and interesting architecture!
Have a great day. Caroline

escapade said...

Cape Town is a veritable treasure trove of beautiful homes! Hope you had a great trip.
Thanks Caroline! x

Lindé Davies said...

So nice to read your post about SA and Cape Town - and it is so true. The images are amazing! Cape Town has so much and more to offer as a destination.
I'm from Cape Town, but living in London and reading your post does make me think about going back home....
Your blog is amazing too!


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