Friday, September 28, 2012

Vintage modern: children's photography

My friend Shannon is a talented children's photographer here in Toronto. I love her unique style and rejection of the prolific 'Anne Geddes' trend in photography we saw for ages of children depicted in buckets and dressed as fairies. Her images have a clean aesthetic and thoroughly modern feeling, with children depicted just as children with their unique little personal quirks and nuances captured. She recently did a Vintage Series that I loved and thought I'd share with you here. The soft light and clean black and white palette coupled with cute clothes and fun props from Penny Arcade and Flashback Vintage give these images a playful feeling and a soft, subtle tone. 

P.S Amelia's mum is Amanda, the talented baker who owns Desmond & Beatrice
my favourite cupcakery.


Alex @ Revedecor said...

Oaw. She made a great job! Congrats, Shannon

How2home said...

Love these photographs, she captured the expression and innocence of these kids :) Great post and great photographer!


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