Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Sea by South African Artist Philip Barlow

With the Olympics well underway, there have been many magic moments - watching people push themselves farther than they would have dreamed possible and achieve phenomenal results. The hard work, dedication and self mastery of these athletes is completely inspiring. My biggest magic moment in the Olympics thus far has been watching my former schoolmate Kirsty Coventry swim (she's already won seven medals in the past two Olympics - so, so proud of her!) - and then the other day when I happened to catch the race where South African swimmer Chad Le Clos beat Michael Phelps to win a Gold medal. Watching his absolute thrill at the moment he realized he won, and seeing his tears of pride as the familiar national anthem played made me tear up a little as well. (Watch an interview with his dad here - just brilliant!)

I thought it fitting to share the work of another incredibly talented South African painter Philip Barlow. The way he captures light is simply remarkable. The slight blurry focus gives his pieces a dream-like quality and I could stare at them for hours on end. These images in a collection called 'The Sea' beautifully capture the bright and hazy feeling of a sun soaked day by the ocean. 

{Photos: Philip Barlow}

1 comment:

Lisa said...

Beautiful paintings, they seem to shimmer with summer sun and heat. I was with you on the swimming - how wonderful!! :)


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