Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Ballerina Project, Toronto

One of the most captivating collections I've seen recently is The Ballerina Project by photographer Dane Shitagi. Rather than the typical 'dance photography' Dane has carefully crafted and curated the project to show the 'hearts and emotions' of the ballerinas, positioning them in unconventional urban settings in several different cities. I was excited to see one of the recent venues for the project was Toronto. I loved seeing these images of Alys Shee who dances for the National Ballet of Canada performing in so many familiar settings - beside highways, on streetcars. The sublime grace of their poses juxtaposed against the gritty city background make the images so much more interesting than conventional dance photography.

All of the images from the project are available for purchase, and a portion of the sale of each image goes directly to the ballerina pictured. 


I'd really love to own a copy of this image (below) featuring prima ballerina Heather Ogden silhouetted against the backdrop of the city. I was lucky enough to see Heather perform the titular role in Sleeping Beauty a couple years ago. Soon afterwards, through a random coincidence my husband (who had also surprised me with the tickets) was able to meet her. After he'd told her how much I loved the ballet and enjoyed her performance, she presented him with her own pointe shoes and signed them with a special message just for me. In addition to her incredible talent, this thoughtful gesture has forever endeared her to me and she remains a favourite of mine.

{All photos: The Ballerina Project}


Dancing Branflake said...

No way! What an incredible story! I interviewed Dane once and he is really a nice man, also.

Emily said...

What gorgeous pictures and such a neat story!!!!

Designwali said...

so beautiful!

How2home said...

These images are stunning!


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