Friday, August 3, 2012

A modern home amongst the eucalyptus

When New Zealand born artist Stefan Dunlop and his wife Adrienne (an Australian native) fled dreary London to make their home in the hills of Noosa, Australia, they'd never even seen the property they purchased in person. But working carefully together with Bark Designs Architects they created a modern, eco friendly sanctuary where Stefan could set up studio and they could raise their young family, in awe of their new breathtaking view. 

While it is fairly large, the home has a fairly low profile and is nestled in among the eucalyptus trees on the hills so as not to obstruct the natural surroundings. 

Soaring sixteen foot ceilings and walls of windows flood the entire space with light. All white walls, and clean lined architecture and furniture keep the focus of the space on the art (perfect for an artist's home) and the incredible view outside. 

The style and measurements of these mid-century modern pieces were used by the architects in planning the space to ensure they'd fit in perfectly. 

Sliding doors make this bedroom with en-suite into one open area so you could relax in the bath and take in the stunning view outside.

Artist in residence: Stefan at work in his studio.

The home features breathtaking views of the Noosa Hills and the Pacific Ocean. It also boasts a concrete plunge pool that you can jump into from the next level up.


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