Tuesday, July 17, 2012

At home: Tabitha Simmons Chelsea townhouse

British designer Tabitha Simmons' Chelsea townhouse is as fresh and playful as her eponymous shoe line. Predominantly decorated in soft neutrals, the home is still anything but boring. Little embellished and whimsical details can be found throughout with little nods to her English roots. 

The butterfly rug really becomes the focal point of the room, I'm not a massive fan of taxidermy at all, but the butterflies are one animal detail I can definitely get on board with.

I instantly fell for these rich velvet cushions in Kelly green and navy. I'd love to add a little one in bright fuchsia too as the bright pink in Tabitha's sweater looks so beautiful with the cushions.

I love how relaxing this bedroom feels. Soft creamy neutral tones and organic materials like jute, sheepskin and wicker compliment the laid back bedroom vibe. Little details like the paper star playfully hung above and the sculptural shape of the wicker chair prevent neutral tones becoming boring or predictable.

A wonderfully spacious bathroom, and a claw foot tub overflowing with shoes, shoes, shoes!

One of the best children's rooms I've seen in ages! Bold, bright and very fun, this space is classic and very whimsical all at once. Aside from the obvious show-stopper of a bunk bed, I can't decide whether the colourful mid-century chandelier or the bright blue rug are my next favourite pieces.

Almost hard to believe this tranquil little haven is just up above the streets of Manhattan.

Tabitha's home was also recently featured in Le Coveteur, the post featured her fabulous fashion collection and shoe collection. I was excited to see a few more glimpses into the space like the unusual sculptural desk and dramatic 

A simple concept with a very dramatic effect - this blue and white fabric creates a sense of grandeur while everything else in the room is kept simple.


Emily said...

Love how light and bright it is and that rug!

escapade said...

I think the abundance of light is one of my favourite features too + how amazing is that rug?


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