Monday, July 23, 2012

At home | Amanda Peet: Then + now

With the recent launch of the new HomeMint site, featuring decor pieces curated by Justin Timberlake and designer Estée Stanley, I got to looking back through Estée's portfolio and noticed one familiar space that caught my eye - Amanda Peet's Los Angeles home, previously featured in Domino magazine and recently in Vogue. I can't quite tell if it's still the same home, but while there have been some very obvious changes, I loved that the overall feeling of the home remained the same. It feels as though while she may have had some help from Estée or others, the style in the home really is Amanda's own. 

She really does love stripes! Striped shirt, rug, banquette cushion, throw pillows...

In the original Domino article, Amanda mentions her long-standing passion for rustic pieces, stripes and ethnic fabrics. It appears nothing has changed, and her home still has the same relaxed Bohemian vibe. Somehow the feeling in the updated space seems to have softened that much more though, with brighter reds becoming pinks - but still a strong focus on Amanda's pattern of choice - stripes.  Bright, white and airy the overall focus seems to be on comfort, it really feels as if you could do just about anything in this house without worrying about things being too precious. 

{Photos: 1-8 Coliena Rentmeester for Domino magazine; 9-13 Francois Halard  for Vogue}

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