Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Listed: One charming apartment in Göteborg, Sweden

This past weekend, the conversation in our home led us to start exploring the notion of a possible move to Scandinavia. No tickets purchased as of yet, however, I thought I'd do a little preemptive apartment searching. (No encouragement necessary -internet real estate stalking is probably one of my favourite hobbies.) Unsurprisingly, I found that beautiful apartments appear to come standard in this corner of the world and Scandinavians seem quite spoilt for choice. This beautiful apartment in Göteborg, Sweden has me ready to pack my bags. 


There's a charming mix of styles and time periods in this space, giving a fresh, approachable feeling to the space. 

Love the original architectural details in this building from the late 1800s.

A tulle skirt makes an easy, and quite romantic DIY chandelier.

Perhaps it's also just being 'photo shoot ready', but I love the abundance of flower and little houseplants throughout the entire home. They really do add a bit of life and of course, beautiful colour.

A charming room for a little one - the fabric buntings add a bit of a festive feeling and I love how all the lampshades are covered with little birds and butterflies. (I used to do this for my younger sisters with handcut paper butterflies so that they would cast beautiful shadows at night.)

The staircase tucked away in the corner leading up to a loft workroom.

A perfect nook for getting a little work done or taking a moment for oneself.

 Bright white with soaring ceilings, this kitchen seems like where I'd like to start and finish my day.

Despite having no windows, this entrance hall feels bright and airy thanks to the all white floors, walls, and ceiling. Even here, a few houseplants warm up the area and stop if from feeling too clinical. 

Just a touch of pretty wallpaper in the otherwise all white space. Adds such a romantic feeling to this hallway, especially paired with the chandelier. 

{All photos: Stadshem}


Dancing Branflake said...

Wow! All the chandeliers are so beautiful, but that tulle skirt is gorgeous!

Emily said...

Gorgeous place! Love how light and bright it is!!

Layers and Layers said...

What a fantastic experience living in Scandinavia would be! Imagine all the travelling through europe you will do as well!!! Totally jellies! Keep me posted so I can be sure to keep following you via your blog no matter where you go :)

classiq said...

A beautiful, bright and airy home. Great use of space and so much attention to detail.

How2home said...

a really beautiful house! love the colors throughout the entire home. simple but sophisticated. great post!


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