Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Real life style in Queens, NY

I find nothing more inspiring that real life style achieved on a realistic, or more modest budget. Of course it would be easy enough to make a space spectacular with a huge budget for knockout furniture pieces, or customized built ins, but for most of us, that's not what we have to work with. Life on a real life budget requires you to be a little more clever. I was so impressed when I first saw Matt and Megan's apartment in Queens on A Cup of Jo, it feels bright and expansive in spite of still being a small space  and packs alot of style with carefully selected pieces and  alot of clever planning and placement. 

There's a strong retro vibe in the space, but it still feels very contemporary with clean lines and a soft neutral palette. 

Little details are well-edited and not over accessorized, which prevents the space from feeling cluttered or cramped. 

This bathroom is just dreamy - and such a clever use of space! Despite a very small footprint, it still manages to feel airy and spacious due to the open shower and the frosted glass wall. 

Despite being fairly neutral, the decor is not at all boring - the couple have a beautiful art collection on display with many pieces by personal friends. (Plus one very cute pup who would make any apartment more inviting!)

The couple shares the apartment with their twin girls, who share a nursery - and initially even shared the crib :). Love the charming little gallery wall above the crib and the bold patterned rug in this tranquil space. 

{All photos taken by Oh, Darling! Photography for Cup of Jo }


The Wearwithal said...

Ahh these photos look so lovely. Cannot wait to have a home to call my own!

Dancing Branflake said...

This is in Queens?! What?! I want to move there, stat!

Mrs. Sutton said...

Such beautiful attention to detail. I despair that my home will never look as 'finished' as this!

escapade said...

The Wearwithal - there's something wonderful about having your own little corner of the world - I hope you get yours soon!

DB - it's a little unexpected isn't it?

Mrs Sutton - they really have added so many lovely personal details haven't they? I won't despair though - even the most beautiful homes don't always look pulled together every day - I have a feeling they may have known a photographer was going to stop by ;)

Karina Cifuentes said...

I really love this. I think Queens has such an interesting and eclectic community that's often overlooked. And it's affordable so you can get so much more bang for your buck. Love this style!

Brittani said...

Love the look of this place! That chandelier is amazing!

Jamie Herzlinger said...

In a word, Gorgeous!

LC Taylor said...

I LOVE this.

And, being someone who also lives in Queens (and in a totally non-descript-looking building at the end of a slightly sad-looking hallway), I think it's fab that this shows off what sort of hidden gems there are in Queens. My apartment is pretty amazing - I mean the bones (i.e. TEN windows, hardwood floors, slate tiles in the kitchen, pedestal sinks in the TWO bathrooms, etc.), not necessarily what I've done with it - and it always surprises people when they walk through my front door. (And let me just say, it is also a huge bargain compared to just about anywhere else in NYC.)

So, thank you for sharing! :)


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