Tuesday, February 28, 2012

At home with modern

I have to admit - I'm not always a fan of ultra-slick modern spaces. While I love their purity and clean lines, to me they very easily risk becoming austere and quite uninviting at times and I tend to lean more towards homes with a bit of character and a sense of history. More often than not these days, my busy little cauldron of a brain craves simplicity, so when I find a space that is simple and understated, but still interesting, my inner modernist sings! To me this home designed by Pulltab Design in New York strikes that delicate balance. Soft, gauzy curtains float in front of slick black framed windows; high gloss surfaces contrast with a natural living wall of plants (one of my most favourite features) and calm all white is balanced with little pops of colour. Clever, innovative and full of little surprises (like the tables that pull down from high gloss panels on the wall) while it still reads slick and modern, this home has plenty of features to keep me interested. I believe this is what it would take for me to feel comfortable and at home with slick modern.

I don't normally consider myself much of a 'red' person but I absolutely love this glossy red little feature wall that is revealed when you pull the table down from the panel in the wall - very smart use of space!  

Some clever stylist found just the right red bowl to coordinate with the panel on the lower level. 

So clever for a small space! A wall panel lifts up to form a small table, perfect for your morning cup of coffee or an impromptu game of chess.

{All photos: Elizabeth Felicella for Pulltab Design via The Contemporist}


Dancing Branflake said...

You have found my husband's dream home! Seriously, he loves this style so much. I'm totally sending him this link.

annie said...

great house!


deleite said...

Nice wall, it is very practical and beatifull.

escapade said...

DB - yay! Hope he loves it. And if you two ever move in here invite me over - I'd love to see it in person ;)

Annie - glad you liked it too

Deleite - isn't it just so clever? I was impressed!

inredningsvis.se said...

Great pics:) I like your blog..so much good inspiration. I wish you a lovely week.
LOVE Maria at inredningsvis.se

Designwali said...

love those windows! what a great space!


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