Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Our Paper Shop

Beautiful paper and stationery has always been one of my favourite little luxuries in life. This simple art form carries so much meaning and is a wonderful way to elevate the most simple of everyday objects. My newest paper love is the brand new product line by Our Paper Shop by Bre Radermacher and Emma Robertson. Their crisp design, bold fonts and charming graphics made me an instant fan and have me thinking that this just might be my new paper shop too.

{Photos: Our Paper Shop discovered at Miss Moss}


Suite Henry said...

Love this collection.

The whole series is put together so so well.

Sarah Klassen said...

I agree, there is nothing like paper... beautifully printed paper though? I'm in heaven... thanks for sharing this great find with us!

Hope you are having a great Friday & that you have some lovely plans for the weekend...


escapade said...

SH - completely agreed, I love a really tight collection - they've really done such a beautiful job with both their product and presentation/styling.
Thank you Sarah - unfortunately a few plans were postponed in favour of hibernating in this miserable cold snap we've been having - perhaps a little at home, stationery focused project is in order!



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