Tuesday, January 31, 2012

IDS12 Highlight: The Piero Lissoni Lounge

This year, Toronto's Interior Design Show was a veritable fanfare of bright colour (lots of Tangerine Tango!), overscaled, eye-catching displays and lots of heavy wood and industrial pieces each clambering for your attention - in contrast, the space that stood out most to me was an oasis of calm in this sea of colour. Italian designer and architect Piero Lissoni was the show's inaugural International Guest of Honour and his creation was a soothing neutral lounge bathed in light both from the skylights above and from within with it's crisp white walls and pale oak floors. All white spaces can sometimes feel a little austere or clinical, but this one had an inviting laid back feeling with it's plump low slung sofas and even lower marble slab coffee tables.

The entire space was encompassed by built in bookshelves filled to the brim with books all of which had their spines facing inward or covers removed. I loved the warm, wood-like texture this brought to the space (although I have to say, this may not be the most practical library ideas- locating your favourite books in a hurry would be an absolute nightmare!) Of course, one of my favourite elements of the space was the incorporation of several African pieces from Snob which added a layer of interest to the space and stopped it from looking too dull or sterile.

There's a great sense of balance between the busy texture of the bookshelves and the clean lines of the furniture. Nothing overpowers the other.  The unexpected addition of rich plum in the corner throws the space a little off adds just the right element of surprise to the space to give it a bit of that Italian edge. This space proves that neutral does not have to be boring, and sometimes the quieter statements can be the strongest ones.

"The scope of work for our studio is to be children for our whole lives - it's a playground."

Piero Lissoni

{All photos taken by Jennifer Flores of Rambling Renovators - see the rest of her IDS coverage here}


Dancing Branflake said...

I adore that couch! Goodness- I never knew lowered furniture could be so effective in making a place seem more inviting but it totally does.

Alison Hodd @ Catherine Alison Interiors said...

I don't understand the trend toward showing books backward. I can see it for styling a home for resale when you want to "de-personalize" your home, but why would one do this in their own home? If books are the soul of a home, then nameless books are mere skeletons.

escapade said...

DB - it's funny isn't it? It automatically lends a laid back, low key feeling

Alison - Haha! it's definitely not the most practical of solutions. I feel like their almost there as art rather than books. I do really love the texture and warm tones of the weathered paper but you are right, definitely doesn't give much personal insight.


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