Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Turebyholm Castle, Denmark

A home is one's castle and for this Danish couple, a castle has become their home. Living out a real-life fantasy, they have painstakingly reinvented a 1754 rococo castle with a refreshing modern twist. While the exterior retains its original form, the interiors have been updated to include a beautiful mix of sleek modern furniture, classic antique pieces and hand printed silk wallpaper. The result is a (rather regal) serene and calming retreat boasting stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

Love the updated personalized monogram!


Dancing Branflake said...

No way! I love how absolutely grand it is but still so very simplistic in design. I want to live there and be a Danish princess. Just saying.

Saskiaj said...

I LOVE the grand tall ceilings, contrasted with the simple Eames chairs and the glitzy chandelier. They work so well together. Simple elegance is always best!
Saskia x

steam showers said...

It looks very elligant but it also looks a little drafty for some reason. I think it needs more fireplaces.


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