Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Setting the mood

... for relaxation, romance and everything in between. 
These gorgeous Egyptian pendant lights are hand carved from silver plated solid copper, and guaranteed to cast a bewitching glow across the room.
I think they'd be equally stunning individually or grouped together as a cluster.

Available at the Toronto boutique Snob.

{Photos: Snob}


David Toms said...

These are great! Since I am in Toronto I know where I am going this weekend to check them out!

escapade said...

You definitely should! Perhaps I'll see you there! Was so excited to find this place!


Brilliant!..in a very candle light kind of way.


Lindsey said...

Oh wow, I absolutely love these. However, I live in Portugal, making it a tad difficult to get to Toronto. Do you happen to know if there is anywhere online I could order them?

Natasha said...

Oh... I can't believe it, I have been looking for a link like this!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Going to check them out RIGHT NOW ;)
Northern Light

Designwali said...

love and love again.

escapade said...

Yay Natasha - glad it helped! :)

Lindsey - not sure about their original source, if you follow the link to the Snob sight, their contact information is there. Perhaps they could help with sourcing/ shipping to you in Portugal. Good luck!

Nicole Franzen said...

love those lights, I have seen them all over and I just adore them. So pretty :)


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