Wednesday, January 19, 2011

At home: Photographer Amy Neunsinger

When I saw this photo recently featured at Blue Pool Road,  I had to look further for more images of this beautiful space. Open, airy and flooded with light, Amy Neunsinger's Spanish style home in Los Angeles is full of soft, soothing tones. The plush shag rug and sheepskins in the living area make the space so welcoming and relaxing.

The vintage bathtub on a stand was an idea from Amy's mother to be able to bring a bit of the outdoors in.

The mantle features a plethora of found treasures and a large black and white photo of a magnolia bloom, taken by Amy herself.

Amy's portfolio hangs on the wall of the office space just a few metres behind their home. I love the vibrant colours, it seems to be such an inspiring space to work in.

Bougainvillea will always be a favourite of mine, it surrounds so many of my childhood memories, and always evokes a feeling of lush warmth and vibrant colour even in the driest of climates.

{Photos: Martha Stewart, originally featured in Blueprint magazine}


Diana Mieczan said...

Totally amazing space...So relaxing and fresh:) Hugs and kisses

Ps: I am hosting a natural cosmetics GIVEAWAY today! Hope you’ll join in :)

escapade said...

Thanks Diana - will have to check it out.

Unknown said...

love it... the colors in the living room are just very calming..!
Hope you are having a great week dear!

carolina @ patagonia gifts said...

love those colorful photos on the wall! xo

Unknown said...

Such a gorgeous home- love the white and camel palate and that inspiration wall is you guessed it...ispirational:) Lovely!

Anonymous said...

wow what a great space to live and work. I am glad you commented on my blog so I could find yours!! stunning.

samia said...

the colors and the fabrics in the living room are so calming and soothing.. love them.. I also love the vintage chairs in the dinning and the photo is such a beautiful way to put them up..

Beautiful place..


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