Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sartorialust: Garance and her cape

I always enjoy spending a little time with Garance Dore, following her travels in fashion around the world and sharing her beautiful illustrations (below). Always unabashedly girly, devoted to fashion - yet fresh and light hearted in her approach.

Garance is pictured below with some friends - and what a fashionable group they are! The cape, the leopard print coats - and that bag! But I think what I love most is that they look like they're having so much fun, which is exactly what fashion should be in my opinion. Too often, it seems that angry faces have become the norm. What a pity it is, when something that is supposed to be about self expression and creating beauty becomes such serious business. Thank you Garance, for smiling!  :)

{Photos: Garance Dore}

1 comment:

Sarah Klassen said...

I couldn't agree more -- these ladies look far more beautiful with a confident and happy smile! ... and then, there's that cape -- want. need. must-have.


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