Thursday, November 4, 2010

Book review: Peter Pennoyer Architects: Apartments, Townhouses, Country Houses by Anne Walker

I've always had a profound fascination with architecture. The shapes and forms of the buildings we inhabit have such a profound effect on the way we live in a space. I often find it quite disappointing these days that a majority new buildings and structures seem so devoid of artistic details and craftsmanship. We seem so preoccupied with cost, speed and simplicity that we've lost sight of the values of quality and artistry. It's always refreshing to find newer homes that are designed and built with those traditional values.

I was delighted to be introduced to the new book, Peter Pennoyer: Architects Apartments, Townhouses, Country Houses, written by Anne Walker  -  featuring some of the architectural firms most spectacular projects. Peter is a modern architectural icon with a refined, classic sensibility. Seen as one of the leaders in the Modern Traditionalist movement, it's no surprise he is also a leader architectural historian.

The spaces he creates have a beautiful sense of grace and openness - from soaring vaulted ceilings, sculptural columns, swooping staircases and intricate moldings - each detail seems so thoughtful, with great attention paid to the way the light plays in each little corner.

With strong influences of classic architectural eras past, and an impeccable attention to detail, these are homes that will stand the test of time and no doubt be seen to be just as spectacular to the future generations who may inhabit them. This book is a must read for lovers of refined classical architecture and design and anyone who appreciates beautiful interiors.

published by The Vendome Press}


caroline @ patagonia gifts said...

love those moldings and arcades. gorgeous! xo

Evelyn Vasco said...

Olá, como vai.
Gostei muito do seu blog.
Sou brasileira e estou te seguindo.
Que Deus te abençõe.

Diana Mieczan said...

That place is incredible:)Love everything about it

Ps: Hope you had a chance to enter my Giveaway!

Dancing Branflake said...

This would make such a great Christmas gift! Thanks for sharing!

Avril said...

Those ceilings are incredible ! Would love this on my bookshelf!

christine {bijouandboheme} said...

Stunning! I love the grey and white palate and those lucite chairs are amazing!!

Lisa said...


escapade said...

DB- this would be a lovely gift for an design/architecture lover!

Jourdan said...

Love this


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