Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy {Halloween} weekend!

The spookiest weekend of the year, Halloween - and we're headed to a fabulous party at a friend's new art studio. For now I'll keep my costume idea secret until the party, but it involves some fluttery eyelashes, lots of sequins and sparkle and a few butterflies...  

How about all of you? Do you celebrate Halloween? If so are you dressing up this year?
Whatever you're up to - hope you have a really fun weekend! 

Here are some fun links...

For Halloween...
- Feeling like something a little more understated? (me too!) No doubt vampires will be as popular as ever with all the new shows and movies, rather than the traditional dracula, try a more subtle 'grown-up' vampire look
- Thirsting for a little gore this Halloween weekend? Catch up on the new season of Dexter (already intense!) And here's a little treat for Dexter fans who love great design.
P.S - I'd love to hear your Dexter theories if you have one!

For anytime!
P.S- follow her blog and visit her shop!
- a little painting magic. Fabulous transformations here and here.
- loaded with delicious inspiration for Halloween and cozy autumn evenings - Sweet Paul magazine!

{Photos: 1-Michael O'Brien for New York Magazine, 2- Martha Stewart}


Anonymous said...

Happy Halloween!! :)


Sarah Klassen said...

I actually don't celebrate Halloween, but I love all of the Autumn decorating that this time of year involves -- so fun! I hope you had a great weekend, Sharalee :)


Kimia Kline said...

happy halloween!

escapade said...

Thank you Mia + Sarah - hope you had a beautiful autumn weekend!


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