Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Style profile: Carolyn Quartermaine

Artist and designer Carolyn Quartermaine's home in the south of France is a laid back retreat fit for a modern day bohemian princess. The space is light-filled and open with the walls and floors bathed  in soft washed neutral tones that create a serene background. Ornate, nostalgic details - antique French furniture and chandeliers are posed against the casual, low slung furniture with a few mid century modern pieces mixed in giving an eclectic casual look that is modern yet timeless. Delicate antique lace panels and Carolyn's own delicate floral fabrics diffuse the light throughout the home and give a soft, warm glow.

Little shots of bright pink and yellow infuse a sense of energy and playfulness and prevent it from becoming 'too beige'.

Unapologetically feminine and very romantic - delicate pink floral panels add such a warmth to her all-white studio.

Pink florals, obviously a favourite of Carolyn's, appear throughout the home in beautiful full blooms and in a handpainted mural in Carolyn's bathroom.

The lace panel acts as a canopy above the bed, held back by a single branch. I love this natural, rustic element against the delicate lace and crystal chandelier.

{Images: 1,2 7-10 Didier Mahieu for Australian Vogue Living, January 2005 via moodboard  3,6 - Jacques Dirand for Elle Decoration, October 2003 via moodboard, edited by escapade, 4,5 James Merrell for Wohnen Decoration, edited by escapade}


Diana Mieczan said...

Stunning...stunning...stunning:)...The lace looks so romantic.
Kisses my dear

Splendid Willow said...

Heavenly! A little too much for my huz but I love all the feminine touches! (The mural is gorgeous). And pink and soft orange just look fab together.

Will you be at the Nate Berkus taping?

Miss you, Miss Sharalee!

ox, Mon

Hailey said...

You can bet that any woman who has ever done styling for Hermes is going to have an amazing home. And sure enough! Simply beautiful.

caroline @ patagonia gifts said...

oh those floral murals are simply divine! xo

Dancing Branflake said...

Oh, I am so in love with her style. Very French and so me. I don't think my husband would like it, but if I could I would style my entire house just like that.

Renee (eatliveshop.com) said...

This is such an amazing space - so girly..love!

escapade said...

SW + DB - agreed, while I'm quite in love with it, somehow I don't think my husband would share the admiration. Such a lovely little fantasy though...

Not in NY to see Nate unfortunately, here in Toronto this week :(

Hailey - of course Hermes must choose only the best for their creative team.

thingsthatsparkle said...

so perfectly boho chic. i need a vacation house like this



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