Thursday, September 2, 2010

Everyday details

I love adding a little art and personalization to everyday objects. We're able to bring our own personal stamp to so many aspects of our lives (clothing, decor, food) -it always seems such a pity when some deeply personal items like a laptop or cell phone that have become so integral to our daily lives have to remain generic and artless.

I'm feeling a little jealous of  Peter Lindbergh's Macbook pro - engraved by hand by artist Jona Cerwinske for an intricately detailed yet subtle effect. Peter's was a gift from his friend, P. Diddy.

(I need new friends. Or at least one who gives gifts like this.)

{Photos: Garance Dore}


Diana Mieczan said...

It looks incredible:) I would love it too:) hahah
Kisses my dear

escapade said...

Well now you know who to become friends with to get one! ;)


Nay-K said...

omg, this is incredible. i want that too!!!!!


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