Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Signed, stamped, delivered

Nothing brightens my day like opening the post box to find a beautiful, hand written note inside. 'Real' mail seems to be highly underrated these days and has faded into such a rarity that each letter becomes a valued treasure. Sharing something hand written is just so much more personal and thoughful than generetic characters typed on a luminous screen. Letter writing really is an art and shares a small insight into the sender. 

While many of us have the best of intentions for beautifully scripted letters and envelopes, many times these plans fall aside in the busy flurry. What better then than a customized stamp in beautiful personalized script to add a little thoughtful detail to the little notes you send (perhaps it will even encourage you to do it a little more frequently). I love her classic script with a bit of a whimsical twist.

{Photos: Primele via Oh Joy!}


The Design Dish said...

ohh! I love this! I wish more people would sent pretty little colored notes in the mail with a stamped address in a pretty font!
Thanks for sharing!
the Design Dish

Dancing Branflake said...

I so agree! Regular mail just makes me heart patter whereas emails kind of stress me out. Too much association with work I guess.

Diana Mieczan said...

I love regular mail....:)I am planning to get a fun address stamp:)Looks amazing...right?
Kisses and see you soon:)

Alicia Clinton said...

yeah for snail mail! those photos are gorgeous and the stamp makes the letter look so pretty.

Mrs. Miller said...

I'm a fan of paper...
and it is all tied into my love of letters.

Letters are instantly special, lovely and whimsical but sometimes they can be just plain fun.

I picked up a nib for my wedding envelopes and even though I know they weren't as perfect as the ones shown here, I love writing every single one, even after all the botched ones...

Down and Out Chic said...

i swear that why i like to online shop. i just love getting packages and notes in the mail! these stamps are a great idea and i'm definitely going to look into them.

escapade said...

DB - you're right, there's something very 'work' like about electronic mail.

DB - get it!

DoC - I think that's part of the appeal to me too, I get so excited waiting for the lovely packages in the mail to arrive.

Alicia + Design Dish - I think we should start a movement to bring it back!

Mrs Miller - your invitations were just as beautiful as these, I've kept all your letters :)

Juultje said...

I love receiving mail,real mail. It brightens my day every single time. Its the reason I send christmas cards and eventually I hope more and more people will send on back. I have 2 boxes with all my received letters, dating back to the birthday card I got for my second birthday. Its precious to be able to read your great grandmothers letters. I wish people would send more.

Have a great weekend!!

Tiina said...

I so agree with you! Now I'm dying to have a party just to get to send lovely invitations to my friends!

have a lovely day!
xo, tiina

Claudia Juestel said...

I wholeheartedly agree. I get excited when I come across something looking like a handwritten card and immediately open it with excitement, as it has become a rarity. I try to write notes as often as I can, but have noticed that my penmanship is suffering from the lack of practice.

Thank you for reminding me to do this more.


P.S. A note to some, please put your full name on the envelope. I have received thank you cards with signatures only, and not being able to read them I could not figure out who they came from. So I could not respond to their graciousness.

pretty pink tulips said...

Oh, I am so inspired by beautiful hand written notes. Tomorrow I'm posting about a fantastic letterpress company. Their stationary lines is superb --- come take a look tomorrow!! xo Elizabeth


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